The Limelight Collective can be seen on stage all across berlin. these are the dates of our next live performances.

artventskalender 2021

After ARTventskalender 2020 was such a big success we will yet again open our windows during the festive season. From 1 to 24 December each evening an artist will perform live in our window in Kastanienallee 71. Passersby can watch them dance, make music, read a poem, paint a picture or enrich the neighbourhood in some other way with their art.


From 1 to 24 December, daily at 5pm

Kastanienallee 71, 10435 Berlin

By the waters of Babylon

"By the waters of Babylon" and other Biblical songs by Antonín Dvořák

Singing: Uta Runne
Piano: Christian Radelhof

Dance: Shaw Coleman

21 November 2021 - 4:30 p.m. at Kirchehoch3

Location: Breite Strasse 37, 133187 Berlin-Altpankow
in the "Kirche zu den vier Evangelisten"



community Days

We meet as a community once a month, to spend time together and to share our faith. In the past we have held creative church services, hosted open stage nights, spent prayer weekends creating art and gone on day trips outside of Berlin.



Returns January 2022


The Limelight Collective organises vernissages, to show our artistic output to the general public. 


February 2022

Location: Kastanienallee 71, 10435 Berlin


Street Performances

The Limelight Collective can be seen performing on the street and in parks all across Berlin.

costume sale

The Limelight Collective has an annual costume sale where we sell clothes and accessoires from our warehouse.



Returns in October 2022




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Kastanienallee 71

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